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Personal Chef and Catering Services

Chef Vanessa Bathfield

About Us

Do I have to provide the food?

No, food costs are included in my pricing.  I also do all the grocery shopping for you on the day I will teach.


How do we decide what to make?

I will work with you to determine what you and your guests would like to learn how to make.  Then I will create clear step-by-step instructions for the class.


How long does it take?

Classes are usually 4 hours.


Will I have to clean the kitchen when your done?

Your kitchen will be left clean and spotless once I’m done.  All you’ll have to do is enjoy the class.



Try dinner with the twist!  We have the perfect recipe for hands-on entertainment.   Not only will you taste a wonderful meal but you’ll learn the secrets of how to prepare it.


Wow your friends with lessons from your own personal chef.  


We plan the menu together, you pick the date, I’ll bring the ingredients, handouts and demonstrate the tricks of the trade for you and your friends in a private cooking lesson.  Everyone gets to help and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Forget watching the Food Network!

Learn it live, in person and in your home.  


You get the full sensory experience and I’ll clean the kitchen!

As a mother I love to teach my son all about cooking and we spend a lot of time together in the kitchen.  Sharing my excitement about flavors and foods is what I love to do with kids.  I teach them all about the kitchen, equipment, and kitchen safety.  They learn to try new things as well as an early lesson in nutrition.


With the epidemic of obesity in this country its never too early to start kids on the healthy track and education is the key.

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