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Personal Chef and Catering Services

Chef Vanessa Bathfield

About Us


What would be more thrilling than having your own personal chef?  


Someone else to do your grocery shopping, prepare your meals, clean up the dishes and provide delicious meals every night!


Perhaps you’d like to throw a special dinner but just don’t have the time.  Now you can!

Just call Chef Vanessa and start planning your sumptuous menu now


Do I have to provide the food?

No, food costs are included in my pricing.  I also do all the grocery shopping for you on the day I will cook for you.


Do you use my pots and pans?

I will bring with me all of the equipment I need.  I just need access to your kitchen and a little counter space and room in your refrigerator.


How long does it take?

I’m usually in your kitchen for about 3-4 hours.


Will I have to clean the kitchen when your done?

Your kitchen will be left clean and spotless once I’m done.  All you’ll have to do is enjoy the meals.


How do I heat the meals up?

I’ll leave behind some heating instructions for you to make it easier for you.  I’m also always available should you have any questions.

A one-on-one interview to discuss your culinary preferences and dietary needs i.e. low carb, kosher etc.


Personalized meal planning


All shopping for the freshest ingredients


We supply all our own cooking equipment


Meal preparation in your own kitchen


Packaging and storage of each meal in convenient portions


A clean and spotlessly tidy kitchen


Concise heating instructions


A freezer full of delicious meals for you to enjoy at your leisure



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